Snip, Clip, and Save the Planet: The Hairy Tale of Recycling at Hair Fx

Snip, Clip, and Save the Planet: The Hairy Tale of Recycling at Hair Fx

Hey Gorgeous!

At Hair Fx, we're not just about fabulous hair – we're also on a mission to make the planet look drop-dead gorgeous! Wondering how? Well, grab a cup of coffee and let us spill the tea on our hairy little secret: hair recycling with the Green Salon Collective! (GSC)

  1. Hair: It's Not Just for Looks: So, you thought hair was just for looking fabulous? Think again! Our hair isn't just a showstopper; it's a superhero in disguise. With the Green Salon Collective, we're turning those locks into eco-warriors, fighting the good fight against waste.

  2. Oil Spill Cleanup – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: ♻️Ever heard of hair being a beach babe? Well, it is! Our snipped strands are ready to hit the shores and clean up oil spills like a boss. Hair has a thing for absorbing oil – it's like a beach vacation for your locks with a mission!

  3. Fertilizer: Because Your Garden Deserves a Spa Day: 🍀Your garden called; it wants a spa day with our recycled hair! Packed with nutrients, our hair clippings are like a gourmet meal for your plants. It's the beauty treatment your garden didn't know it needed – green thumbs up! Also great to add to any potted plants, place some hair both underneath and on top of you potted plants, hair is packed full of nitrogen, your plants will love it ❤️

  4. Regenerative Bio Manufacturing: 🤩 Working with Biohm, a London based regenerative biomanufacturer, your hair is being combined with their unique binding material orb to create particleboard-like sheets as well as moulded 3D objects. They are also working with mycelium, the root structure of fungi, to grow around hair to create insulation panels, read more here

  5. Hair Mats: By felting hair with their unique machinery, GSC are creating hair mats that can be used to cover storm drains or clean up waterways                 
  6. Wool Alternatives: GSC are collaborating with Natural Fibre Co., a British woollen mill in Cornwall, to develop a hair-wool fibre alternative to petroleum or cotton based yarns, ropes and twines. Their current blend is 40:60 hair & wool blend using waste hair from salons with undervalued destined-for-compost wool, read more here.                                                        
  7. Greenhouse Gas Be-Gone: Guess what? By choosing us, you're not just getting a killer haircut; you're also saving the planet from a bad hair day. Recycling hair means saying goodbye to methane emissions – we're literally cutting emissions and giving you a stunning 'do. Win-Win!

  8. Community Love – It's a Hair Raising Experience: When you pick us, you're not just supporting a local salon; you're joining a hair-raising revolution! The Green Salon Collective funnels the love back into communities, making every haircut a snip of joy for the planet and communities

So, there you have just some of the ways your hair is being used – the hairy tale of how your fabulous haircut at Hair Fx is changing the world, one snip at a time. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling good, knowing that your locks are on a mission to make the planet a more beautiful place. Join us, because at Hair Fx, we believe in making every hair flip count!

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